Analysis of Factors Influencing Academic Performance in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) in Public Primary Schools in Masii Division, Machakos county, Kenya

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The study examined factors influencing academic performance in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) in Public Primary Schools in Masii Division, Machakos County. The study adopted a causal-comparative descriptive design (ex-post facto and Targeted 60 public primary schools; 36 of which are high performing while 24 are low performing schools out of which a sample of five 12 headteachers, 36 teachers, 104 pupils, 2 QASO and 1 AEO was selected. Data were collected using questionnaires, interview guides, observation guides and document analysis guides. Quantitative data were coded and analyzed using descriptive statistics such as means, percentages, and frequencies with the help of SPSS 11.5 program. The data were presented in form ofgraphs, charts, and tables. Generalizations were formulated. Qualitative data were organized in relation to the themes or research questions and from this information, the researcher then wrote a narrative and interpretive report in order to explain and reflect the situation as it is occurring in the school. The study also revealed that teachers in higher performing schools observe punctuality and rarely absent from school. The findings further revealed that parental support is average although high performing schools are receiving better support as compared to low performing schools. It was revealed that on average, parents of pupils in high performing schools have attained higher levels of education and are playing a significant role in their children’s academic work and therefore leading better performance. The perceptions of headteachers, teachers and pupils towards academic performance were also more positive in high performing schools. The study made the following recommendations: All stakeholders should provide adequate funds to finance the provision of school resources in order to ensure that learning takes place in a conducive environment. Parents and school administration should check on lateness and absenteeism. Teachers and parents should ensure that pupils do their homework. The school administration should introduce a school language policy and enforce it. The school administration should ensure that teachers give homework to pupils on regular basis and mark it. School administrations should devise ways of fully involving parents and members of the community in school activities in order to ensure adequate support for educational activities in the schools.




Academic Performance, Certificate of Primary Education, Public Primary Schools Machakos--Kenya