Career Choice and Psychological Well-being of Undergraduate Students of Universities in Langata Sub-County Nairobi, Kenya

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In recent times, students are experiencing some imbalances between their chosen career and attaining their dream life which inversely affects their psychological wellbeing. To this end, this concern cannot be overemphasized as it determines satisfaction and fulfillment in career life. Thus, this study examined career choice and psychological well-being of undergraduate students in Langata sub-county, Nairobi, Kenya. Concurrent mixed method design was used to explain the context and the generalizability of the outcome. The target population was the undergraduate students in the universities in Langata Sub-county Nairobi. Stratified random procedure was used in selecting the participating universities. A sample size of 270 was used for the study. Data was collected using questionnaire and semi structured interview. Quantitative data analysis was conducted using Pearson correlational analysis. Qualitative data was analyzed in themes. This study established there is a significant relationship between environmental mastery, purpose in life and parental influence. The study also established a weak negative correlation between the parental influence and three psychological well-being subscales (autonomy, self-acceptance and positive relationship with others.




Career Choice, Psychological Wellbeing, Undergraduates, Population, Langata


Madu, P. A., Ndung’u E. M. & Egunjobi, J. P. (2022). Career choice and psychological well-being of undergraduate students of Universities in Langata Sub-County Nairobi, Kenya. Journal of Research Innovation and Implications, 6(1), 157 – 165.