Quality of Care and Psychological Wellbeing of Differently Abled Children in Embu County Kenya

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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS)


The care of children with motor impairments is a global concern. Their psychological wellbeing is a great concern for those living with them. This study aimed at investigating the quality of care given to these children and their psychological wellbeing in Embu County, Kenya. The study adopted cross-sectional research design to collect data. A sample size of 80 participants was selected using census method. Data were collected using the Ryff’s psychological wellbeing scale, a sociodemographic questionnaire and a self-developed questionnaire for assessment of quality of care given to the differently abled children. The study findings showed that the quality of care given to the differently abled children in the family, residential institutions and educational institutions has weak positive and significant correlation with personal growth domain of the psychological wellbeing scale (r= 0.320, p<0.05; r= 0.329, p<0.05; and r=0.449, p>0.05 respectively. The results imply that enhancing the quality of care to differently abled children is vital in the psychological health of differently abled children.




Family Care, Institutional Care, Differently Abled