Factors Influencing Highway Road Accidents in Uganda: A Case Study of Kampala-Masaka Highway.


Highway Road accidents (HRAs) are the eighth cause of death in the world and there has been a 46% increase since the 1990s and it is estimated to become the fifth cause of death in the world by 2030. The paper assessed the causes and outcomes of HRAs to the community along Nsangi-Kayabwe road section. The paper employed a cross-sectional survey design using qualitative data collection approaches. The paper targeted 25 people from whom a sample of 24 respondents was determined using Krejcie and Morgan. Data was collected through, observation, interview and documentation. Results indicated that, human error (100%), unqualified drivers/riders (90.9%), nature of the road (81.8%), weather and vehicle conditions (63.6%) as the main causes of HRA whereas death (100%), damage of vehicles (90.9%), injuries (72.7%) and unemployment (63.6%) were its outcomes. The paper concluded that human error and vehicle failings, defective vehicles and bad roads contribute significantly to HRAs resulting in deaths, injuries, property damage and loss of socioeconomic productivity and revenues. The paper recommended increased sensitization, implementation and enforcement of traffic laws, widening road, reinstallation of signs and remarking the road, and checking of all vehicles should be done to minimize HRAs.




Careless, Pillion, Reckless, Traffic laws, Trauma